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The infected terminals are almost always in a row Find Hidden valley close together in a group. The virus usually has one per section such as 1 in the middle.

If you do not get all Minocqua girl nude terminals in the time limit, you will have to speak with Ibsen again.

You will get a new 60 seconds and the terminals that the virus has infected Finf randomize. You can Find Hidden valley taking some turbo to gain a few extra seconds.

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Note that the virus can jump to the terminal Ibsen is standing Hiddenn front of. If you have a high enough Science skill 70you can suggest partitioning the terminals when the virus Find Hidden valley to it, giving read only access to the kernel administrator.

This isolates the virus on that terminal permanently and leaves you with one fewer terminal to find should you fail.

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The virus can be partitioned easily by saving immediately after Ibsen tells you it has jumped and after finding and isolating the virus. The terminals the virus jumped to will be consistent when you re-load the Find Hidden valley game.

But I will, if you don't help me find that gun. . Upon getting the missing laser pistol and returning to Hidden Valley the dialogue options to return the missing. Likewise, folks heading north from the Corpus, San Antonio, and Austin areas find the Dutchman's Hidden Valley a good place to stretch their legs and walk their. Locals in Zermatt call this solitary valley – located where lush alpine vegetation gives way to the rocks, snow and ice of The Hidden Valley is not easy to find.

The behavior of the virus is similar to the world's first vallry virus "creeper" created in Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. Quests in Fallout: Retrieved from " https: New Vegas unmarked quests. Hidden category: Articles with verified bugs.

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Unmarked Quest: Hidden Vapley Computer Virus. Talk to Scribe Ibsen. Locate the virus on three of the terminals in the room in under 60 seconds.

The doorway to the left Find Hidden valley to a small office with a desk and a computer terminal, while the doorway vslley the right leads a staircase going down to the main section of L1. The first floor contains the personnel quarters, a shooting range, armory, medical bay, and an instruction room where Initiates are trained.

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After turning right down the set of stairs into the bunker, HHidden left, then right, until reaching two sets of Knight dorm rooms located one above the other with a set of descending stairs for the lower room. Find Hidden valley second floor contains the command room with living quarters for the Elder and Head Paladin Hardin. The second floor has the Brotherhood of Steel emblem on the wall, and two paths that go off to the east and to the west.

The west area has the command Find Hidden valley with Elder McNamara and another adjoining Hidsen.

Head Paladin Hardin is further down the hall, and can be found in either one of the two rooms beyond the Find Hidden valley room. The east area contains the archive computer terminals, the machine shop and the VR pod room. It also houses the self-destruct authorization terminal and the self-destruct terminal very hard.

Alternatively, terminals on the same floor of the bunker will give Findd password. If the terminal is successfully hacked, or the password is obtained, they can initiate a self-destruct sequence that will immediately vilify them with the Brotherhood of Steel and cause all Brotherhood of Steel members to become hostile. The sequence can Find Hidden valley aborted by reactivating the terminal and choosing to Find Hidden valley, however this has no effect on their hostility.

The Hidden Valley bunker appears only in Fallout: New Vegas. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

This bunker is currently locked down, allowing no entry or exit, with you being one of the few exceptions. Contents [ show ]. This section is transcluded from Hidden Valley. To change it, please edit the transcluded page.

The Hidden Valley Find Hidden valley relies on two main systems: Side Bets.

Pistol Packing | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Chinese officer's sword in McNamara's office. Nikola Tesla and You. New Vegas locations. Brotherhood of Steel. Retrieved from " https: Hidden Valley.

Hidden category: Articles with verified bugs. This page is about Hiddeh location that is home to the Brotherhood of Steel. For the Find Hidden valley Valley location, see Hidden Valley.

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Major Faction locations. Caesar's Legion.

Crimson Caravan. Followers of the Apocalypse.

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Great Khans. Powder Gangers. New California Republic.